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The Infinite Library: Books 1–50


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Begun in 2007 by artists Daniel Gustav Cramer and Haris Epaminonda, The Infinite Library is composed of an archive of over 100 books made through the recombination of pages from one or more found publications. Each book is dismantled, modified, and reorganized. Pictures and pages—momentarily out of order—are brought together to shape yet another whole. The concept for each new volume develops gradually, starting from the content of the original book and the associations that unfold in the process of making.

This publication fully documents the first 50 books in the project, together with an essay by Brian Dillon.

21 × 29 cm
228 Pages + 22 Loose Inserts
Cloth Bound w/ Jacket
English / German
ISBN: 978-1-953441-01-0
First Edition (2022)

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