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The Halifax Conference


The Halifax Conference presents a transcript of a conference held at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design on October 5–6, 1970, adapted by artist Craig Leonard.

Organized by Seth Siegelaub, the Conference was conceived as a means of bringing about a meeting of artists representing diverse kinds of art from different parts of the world, in as general a situation as possible. Infamously, the conference was held in the college’s boardroom, while students and other interested parties watched the proceedings on a video monitor in a separate space. The result was a conversation that devolved—technologically and ideologically—into quasi-tragicomic farce.

Attendees at the Conference included Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Ronald Bladen, Daniel Buren, John Chamberlain, Jan Dibbets, Al Held, Robert Irwin, Mario Merz, Robert Morris, Robert Murray, The N.E. Thing Company (Iain and Ingrid Baxter), Richard Serra, Richard Smith, Michael Snow, and Lawrence Weiner.

Edited by Jeff Khonsary

13.5 × 21 cm
176 Pages, Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-1-927354-32-2
First Edition (2019)

Ships May 2019

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