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Jennilee Marigomen:
Window Seat

Sold Out

Window Seat presents a sequence of images by Vancouver photographer Jennilee Marigomen taken in sleepy beach towns in Mexico. Through a series of simple and beautiful gestures, the project both acknowledges the metaphor of photography-as-window and consciously resists reading the world metaphorically. Rather, the photographs show the benefit of careful attention to the overlooked and often ephemeral beauty in our everyday surroundings—suggesting that the world is made up of neglected sites imbedded in the everyday, which a keen sensibility can animate, arrange, and make deeply compelling for the viewer.

With an essay by Nich McElroy.

22.8 × 29.7 cm
64 pages, Casebound
ISBN: 978-1-927354-18-6
First Edition (2014)

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