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David Horvitz:
Young Man Sitting On Beach in Solitude


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Laser Print and Pen
7 Pages (21.5 × 28 cm), unbound
High Res JPG File
Edition of 10 + 2 AP

Produced in conjunction with his artist’s book Mood Disorder, Young Man Sitting On Beach in Solitude offers David Horvitz’s own take on the genre of stock photography. As with the photographs collected in his book Sad, Depressed, People, the cover of Mood Disorder shows a man with his head in their hands, ostensibly depressed, waves crashing in the background. Here the artist himself plays the role of the stand in, an empty signifier for emotions set in motion through the images’s use.

Produced at the same photoshoot as the Mood Disorder portrait, the photographs in this edition are sold as stock images. Each edition is sold as a full high res JPG with a hand altered version of a Getty Images Royalty-Free License Agreement that transfers complete usage rights for the image to the buyer.

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